Illustration Case Study: Digital Artworks on Film Production Theme

Illustration Case Study: Digital Artworks on Film Production Theme The illustration case study about creating a series of illustrations for the digital products and marketing needs of the company involved in the movie industry.
Illustration Case Study: Digital Artworks on Film Production Theme

Illustrations proved themselves as an effective and multifunctional element of design for business, marketing, customer experience, and interactions. Today’s case study from tubik agency team unveils a project of that kind. Read about using the power of digital art for visual brand storytelling across various channels of communication. The illustrator behind the project was Yaroslava Yatsuba, who earlier shared with you tips on creating illustrations and developing a personal artistic style.


Creating a series of illustrations for the digital products and marketing needs of the company involved in the movie industry.


Due to its beauty and creative flexibility, illustration rockets with a constantly growing number of websites and mobile apps as one of the ways to enhance the usability, aesthetic, emotional and visual appeal of the interface. What’s more, artworks subordinate to the particular goal work well to set the storytelling for a company, brand, digital product, or specific marketing campaign. The Moonworkers project was about activating all the mentioned points.

Developing the brand and its presence on the web, the company operating in the industry of movie production and talent acquisition for it, turned to us with the task of creating a set of original illustrations that would present the features, benefits, and nature of the services.

The important issues to consider for the illustrations were the following:

  • consistent style
  • inclusion of references to famous films and cartoons
  • clear visual presentation of the particular points and benefits (for example, secure payments, team management, etc.)

After the market research and creative search for the general style, the designer worked on the color choice that had to keep consistent for all the series. The color search resulted in an eye-pleasing palette harmonically combining warm and cold shades. The next step was to integrate prompts from known movies into the business-like artworks to make the experience feel fun as well as connect the users to the movie industry via recognizable details and characters.

Let’s check the result of that creative process.


Here are the final illustrations to be used for UX and marketing goals. Dynamic, often irregular composition, multilayered perception from the core element to tiny details integrated into the image, emotional characters, visual prompts on film production and positive color combinations all together set the needed effect. The artworks were designed to be applied to web or mobile interfaces, banners, social media marketing, and other goals. Welcome to review the set of final illustrations. Have you guessed all the movies coded in them?


The illustration visualizing the process of searching for candidates to participate in a particular movie.


The artwork imitating the process of casting potential actors.


The illustration showing the atmosphere of actors’ casting and hiring process.


The illustration devoted to the topic of creative team management.


The artwork featuring the details of the video production process.


Another illustration unveiling some details and processes typical of the movie production process.


 The elegant digital illustration featuring the process of user profile creation.


One more illustration sharing the atmosphere of creating a user profile for the talent in the film production industry.


The illustration that transfers the idea of easy communication.


The digital artwork that reflects a deep concentration on the creative process.


The artwork transferring the idea of payment security.


A bit more digital art on financial issues, this time connected to secure payment via web and mobile.


Another illustration of the payment theme, this one sharing the idea of payment success.


Cheerful characters in the picture are devoted to free transactions.


Cute vintage TV set in the illustration for the website 404 pages

The Moonworkers was a great creative challenge for the artist: she had to keep all the series of artworks consistent not only visually but also emotionally, and at the same time, she needed to combine them with the diversity of characters and ideas. Stay tuned; new cases on digital illustrations are coming soon.

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