6 Essential Reasons to Start Your Own Website

6 Essential Reasons to Start Your Own Website The brief review focused on popular reasons of creating a website for professional, business or personal growth. Packed with a variety of web design concepts.
6 Essential Reasons to Start Your Own Website

For centuries, people have found hundreds of ways to communicate and collaborate for both professional and personal aims. Still, since the time when the Internet came into play, these directions of human activity have witnessed really prominent progress. It got especially significant and impressive for the last decade, with broader availability of the Internet and development of new technology. Decent ten or twenty years ago having a website was seen as a sort of luxury while today it is often a widely-used and important factor of personal, professional, and business growth.

There is a great number of big and small goals standing behind the incredible variety of websites whose number seems to grow every single minute. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1 billion websites in the World Wide Web today. This milestone was first reached in September of 2014, as confirmed by NetCraft in its October 2014 Web Server Survey, and first estimated and announced by Internet Live Stats. The number had subsequently declined, reverting back to a level below 1 billion due to the monthly fluctuations in the count of inactive websites before reaching again and stabilizing above the 1 billion mark starting in March of 2016. In general, this is the sort of story of the amazing path from 1 website in 1991 to 1 billion websites in 2014.

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No wonder, more and more people are thinking over the idea of setting their websites and they come to this decision along the different ways reaching various life destinations. Let’s review the most popular reasons that make people work over their websites either by themselves or hiring professionals for that job, and in some cases applying both of the mentioned options. The ideas will be supported by web design concepts accomplished by Tubik designers and corresponding to particular objectives.


Nowadays this reason would definitely take its place in the top. With better technical abilities to present goods and services as well as fast and secure payments enabled via the Internet, more and more people take opportunities of buying and selling online, right from their desktop. It can deal even with the case of personal websites if people both communicate and sell the goods or services they produce via this website. So, getting real financial profit can be named among the prominent reasons for creating a website. Moreover, modern content-management systems support this aim with tools and features strengthening the website rates in search browsers.

home page design

Design concept of online comic bookshop

6 Essential Reasons to Start Your Own Website

Design concept of the randomizer for e-commerce platform


Design concept of the website for bakery enabling online orders

Business presentation

Another reason connected with professional activity and encouraging more and more people to start their websites is the presentation of their business, whatever is its nature and volume. It can be anything, from a simple one-page website giving a basic description of the professional and contact data to complex web platforms providing a variety of business directions or extensive portfolio. The core distinguishing feature comparing to the previous position is that this website doesn’t provide a full cycle of direct sales from order to payment and delivery, its aim is to present the services or goods as well as the ways of getting them. This can be the reason for not only fully packed websites of broad functionality but also landing pages fulfilling the same need.

home page web design

Web design concept for a company organizing open air events

Creative Web Design Concepts of Landing Pages

Web design concept for a company organizing hot-air-balloon rides

ubik studio architecture firm website

Web design concept for an architectural bureau 


Design concept for the interior design studio

Sharing information

This is the reason why people set up diverse blogs and websites aimed at sharing information: these can be online magazines and newspapers, thematic collections and bloggers’ reviews etc. It is usually not aimed at direct communication, only providing users with fresh and actual information.

online magazine design tubik studio

Design concept of online newspaper


Design concept of the online magazine devoted to travelling


Web design for the blog devoted to design news and trends


One more reason to start the website is the ability and wish to provide some materials and/or communication with educative objectives. These can be different stuff, from personal teacher’s blogs to interactive encyclopedias or platforms for online courses.

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Web design for online encyclopedia


The Internet presents great and easily available opportunities for communications, so communication can be one more good reason for creating a website, like blogs with direct discussions, forums, social networks for general or special themes etc.


Design concept of a social network for sport fans

Self-expression and practice

Sometimes, people create the website with the aim of getting a platform for expressing their creativity and trying particular skills, like, for example, creative writing. Again, complexity and quality of these websites can be very different, still, the basic reason behind them is self-expression and growth.

Tubik studio UI design

Design concept of a personal blog devoted to architecture

Surely, this list is not totally full, it mentions only some of the globally popular reasons for creating websites. Stay tuned and don’t miss the new articles analyzing all the mentioned directions in closer detail.

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