How to Execute Successful Rebranding of Your Business on Social Media

How to Execute Successful Rebranding of Your Business on Social Media Whatever is your reason for rebranding, there are several steps to take to change the image and perception of your company, especially on social media.
How to Execute Successful Rebranding of Your Business on Social Media

Are you considering rebranding your business due to new management, a disreputable or outdated image, or even appealing to a new, broader, international market? No matter your reason for wanting to rebrand, there are several steps that you must take to change the image and perception of your company, especially on social media.

Since you can’t just close your current business, reopen, and expect to return to your previous company’s size immediately, you must strategically choose how and when to rebrand. We’re going to tell you how you can successfully execute your company’s rebranding as a whole and specifically on social media. Keep reading to learn more!

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Update Your Logo

When you choose to completely rebrand your company on social media and as a whole, you should consider updating your logo. You don’t necessarily need to get rid of the old one – and sometimes it’s better if you keep parts of it. Instead, you might choose to update your old logo into something more modern by following current graphic design trends. Paying attention to these trends can help bring your logo and, therefore, your brand from the 90s (or earlier) up to speed with the current year.

You’ll want to consider the color palette used in your logo, as well as the use of text, lines, and shapes. For the best possible logo design, you’ll want something easy to remember and associate with your brand, fits your company as a whole, and is relatively timeless – you don’t want to have to change/update logos every other year!

bakery logo design

Bakery logo design



The case study of logo redesign for a landscape company

Opt for Professionals

One of the easy ways to begin the rebranding process is to hire a social media marketing agency. This type of agency differs from other marketing agencies because it focuses specifically on your brand’s social media presence and positioning your company as an industry leader on the world’s fastest-growing group of social networks.

There are currently more than 3.8 billion social media users in the world, this means that the (proper) use of social media for your rebranding strategy is a must. Social media is where people turn to find and give recommendations, learn about new products, and share their experiences with a brand.

As you begin the process of rebranding, a social media marketing agency can step in and ensure that your social presence is as visible as possible. They can also help people understand why you are choosing to rebrand, reach new potential customers, and help you learn the right way to engage with your followers.

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Consider Improving Marketing with Video Content

If your brand has never incorporated the use of videos into their marketing strategy, now is the time to do so. Opting to include video marketing in your rebranding strategy will help your company appeal to a wide range of customers while offering a variety of content. Using video content allows potential customers to see your product or service being used, hear a customer or expert testimonials, and visualize how they might benefit from choosing your brand.

When you decide to use video content in your marketing strategy, you will want to find the best video hosting site available to upload, store, play, and share videos on the internet. Ideally, the video host you choose will give users a great watching experience while giving your company the ability to customize the video player.

A great video marketing strategy is particularly effective when rebranding your company because it can help people visualize the changes you are working to make, how you’re becoming better, and even why you’re making a choice to improve. It also will give your company exciting new content to share and promote your rebranding efforts.

The example of explainer video for OffCents

Example of a showcase video by Tubik that can be used to promote and show services via social networks

Improve Your User Experience & Customer Service

While your company can focus on its social media presence, marketing strategy, and logo design, all of these will mean nothing if your website’s user experience and product’s customer service are lacking or completely non-existent. Your website must be intuitive and quick to load all pages. The visual aspects are important, but how it functions matters even more. If a customer gets lost on your website or can’t figure out how to purchase your product, your rebranding efforts are almost null.

Furthermore, having a user-friendly website only counts for so much if your company has poor customer service. Poor customer service will wreck a company’s rebranding strategy and its new reputation faster than almost any other potential problem. Having terrible customer service be the cause of bad reviews and negative word-of-mouth; it will turn potential customers against you before they give you a second look.

So how can you fix a customer service issue? Make sure that your company’s contact information is visible and easy to find; consider offering a live-chat option or at least quickly respond to any emails/messages within 24 hours. Engage with your followers on social media by liking and replying to their comments – it shows your team cares!

Additionally, try to ensure that your customer service representatives are empowered to help customers and solve problems without their supervisor’s approval – this will help quickly resolve issues without the annoyance of long holds/lengthy response times. This small step can go a long way toward improving and keeping a great reputation when it comes to your brand’s new image.

The rebranding of your company will only be successful if you can retain old customers and attract new ones. It is difficult, if not impossible, to do this without excellent customer service, and whether these aspects are positive or negative, will spread like wildfire on social media!

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What Will Your Company Look Like After Rebranding?

If you are curious as to what your company and sales will be like after you’ve entirely rebranded your company on social media, the answer is actually up to you! If you put forth the time and effort to rebrand the business and stick with positive changes completely, you’ll likely see an increase in sales and customer retention. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true if you choose to allow your company to revert to the way it was before the rebranding process.

The key to successfully rebranding your company on social media will be to demonstrate all changes and allow people to see it for themselves. When this happens, your conversions will improve, and people will naturally want to be part of your success!

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About Author: this is the guest post by Hazel Pan, a copywriter whose expertise includes Funnel Copywriting & Inbound Marketing.

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