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Animated Logo: Dynamic Way to Present a Brand

Animated Logo: Dynamic Way to Present a Brand The collection of animated logos and a brief review of their benefits for digital marketing: see how motion can be elegantly used in design for branding.
Animated Logo: Dynamic Way to Present a Brand

Nothing happens until something moves. (Albert Einstein)

At the beginning of 2017, a lot of companies and Internet resources marked motion design as a big trend of the year. Motion graphics field has evolved like many other technologies, so now it gives more opportunities than ever before. Since customers always look for innovative and fresh solutions, the animated elements have become a significant part of effective design.

A logo is a key part of a brand identity. It creates a powerful image increasing brand awareness and can be the foundation of a successful marketing strategy. The compelling logo design presents the personality of a company or a product that helps to set a connection with the target audience. To bring a fresh breath into the logo design, professionals decided to combine it with motion. It did not take long to see that animated logos are a new must-have in a branding strategy.

An animated logo is a fresh and dynamic way to present your brand identity. Many companies still have only a static variation of the logo while the web allows applying original animation. So, an animated logo is a good chance to stand out from competitors. Besides, it’s easy to show a company character and transfer a certain message attracting clients’ attention via animation.

Let’s see what benefits an animated logo can bring.

  • Originality. An animated logo is a great opportunity to let the imagination out of the control. Original graphics combined with different visual effects create a unique way to perceive the logo. It’s like a short video telling a unique story of a product or a company.
  • High brand awareness. Dynamic images are easy to remember. An effective animated logo can set a connection with potential customers and enchants users’ attention for a long time.
  • Pleasant first impression. People like fresh and interesting ideas and an animated logo is a good chance to surprise them.
  • Logo GIFs. An animated logo can be transformed into a GIF, so the Internet users can share it through the web. Logo GIFs may become an efficient tool in the marketing strategy.

Today’s D4U post collects impressive and sophisticated examples of animated logos to get you inspired.


By Tubik


By Anastasiia Andriichuk


By Jona Dinges


By Eddie Lobanovskiy


By Tubik


By Ramotion


By Ramotion


By Nicolas Girard


By Fireart Studio


By Focus Lab


By Stéphane Gibert


By Ramotion


By Hoang Nguyen


By Tubik


By Breno Bitencourt


By Mantas Gr


By Dylan Casano


By Wanda Arca


By Anastasiia Andriichuk


By Fede Cook


By Tubik


By Anastasiia Andriichuk


By Tony Pinkevych


By Joe Ski


By Latham Arnott

New inspiring collections are coming soon, stay tuned!

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