Real Value of Logo Design and Why It’s Worth Investing

Real Value of Logo Design and Why It’s Worth Investing Sometimes it is tough to explain the value of a logo and reasons to invest into it. Read what logo price is influenced by.
Real Value of Logo Design and Why It’s Worth Investing

Sometimes it is tough to explain the value of a logo and how much it can increase over the years with the development of the brand. It seems that it is much easier to explain the value of web design because it is clear to everyone how much time should be invested in it (planning, coding, writing content for the site, and many other activities).

Many things are going on in the background of the process, which, although we cannot see, we know to exist. However, when it comes to logo design, the complex processes in the background are much less visible, which is why it seems to some that it is easy to do and that anyone can do it.

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The best example on which we can see how the value of a logo changes at the beginning of creating a particular brand in relation to the peak of the process of branding and monetization of its value is certainly the fashion industry.

There is more than a clear and tangible difference because certain items initially cost only a few dollars (euros, pounds, whatever currency), while later (many years later), with the help of branding and powerful marketing tools, they gain in value and it is a logo that sells every product at a high price. Well-known fashion brands often change their logos because they have to keep up with trends and follow the latest design tendencies. And they change not only their logos but also the design of the websites they have built for the business. Of course, a website doesn’t have to have only just one purpose. You can create pretty much any type of website you can imagine, either solely for business, an online store to sell your products or services, or a website for your business that also has an online store.

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Now let’s go back to the process of creating a logo and its complexity. We said that some people think that it is easy to make a logo and do not understand how one can cost 30 euros, another 300, and some even 3,000. That is why we are going to clarify it in the next segment.

How Much Does One Logo Cost?

It seems that this is a simple question, to which the answer should ONLY contain a specific figure, and it will be considered clear enough. The price of a logo is one of the most searched terms on Google search, probably because all entrepreneurs, before starting to build their business, first make a business plan and determine a budget (in which, as one of the items, they put down the logo). So, maybe it seems simple, but it is not easy to give an implicit, short answer and satisfy all curious clients.

Whether you own a bakery, pastry shop, startup, or IT company, on many levels, it is essential to understand what and how much it means to have a well-designed logo. This is equally important for a company with only two employees, as well as for one with 2,000 or 20,000. Of course, the larger the number of people who will see the logo, the more critical it becomes.

A logo is the first element that customers see when they first encounter a brand. The logo is, initially, there to raise brand awareness, and then, over time, it becomes a recognizable element to which customers bond and, through it, build trust with the brand. It is also there to make customers feel a kind of emotional connection to the brand.

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Now that we are familiar with the importance of a brand logo, it is time to explain what is included in the price and how it is formed when it comes to creating a logo.

What Determines the Price?

When determining the cost of creating a logo, designers keep in mind a few things. The client must be presented with a specific amount of work and what problem is being solved. Let’s start from the beginning.


This should be considered and decided to whom from the team to leave the creation of a logo. Suppose one of the designers specializes in a specific industry and is much better at it than working on another project. In that case, his knowledge of a certain industry will always be chosen.

Urgency of designing

If the client needs a logo within, say, 48 hours, then it is clear that such a logo creation speed will require a special price. It is understood that the quality must be the same when working with the logo for 48 hours or when working much longer. However, the deadline for designers means that, if it is short, they have to work, think, and create faster, and if the deadline is more extended, then there is room for improvements, beautifications, and adjustments.

Project specification

This is a detail that plays an essential role in determining the price. This part is discussed and agreed upon with the client. For example, how many logo revisions the agency needs to do (that is, how many audits the client is entitled to). It is then agreed on how many different design solutions the client wants (whether it is three or four, for example). In addition to these two things, it is crucial, e.g., in which formats the client requests that the logo be delivered. These are just three short examples of how in detail designers negotiate with clients and what is important to reach mutually acceptable terms and prices.

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Logo Value

After we wrote about the price and how it is formed, we want to emphasize what is most important when it comes to the value of the logo and that these are not any numbers and figures.
It would help if you didn’t view the value of the logo as an ‘abstract’ category, but that, on the contrary, you can very clearly determine by items how a quality logo will affect your business. Below we will briefly explain why a well-executed logo design is valuable for the brand and why you do not want to pay cheaply for the logo because it will cost you much more later.


Consider how much you will use the logo in your daily business life. This is a significant issue, which should be well understood. A clearly designed logo can last a long time and can be used in many ways and applied on different surfaces. This way, you will be able to use it for years on your website, business cards, packaging, social networks, and all other means you use for marketing purposes. Now try to imagine how many people come in contact with your logo and how it contributes to the greater visibility of your company. However, it still helps you in a way that your company has a professional visual identity.

Yes, you are right. It isn’t easy to estimate how many people see your company’s logo every day (sometimes, probably several times during the day) and how they react to it. Do they remember it, do they recognize it after a specific time, or do they not pay attention to it at all?

Reusable use of the logo in relation to, e.g., the flyer (which can be considered a disposable mean) is exactly why the price of the logo is higher. Much research and thinking are needed to make a logo to last as long as possible and be as relevant as possible.

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The logo is a key and essential visual element of the brand, and the brand is a central part of any business. What makes the difference between a successful business and one that never succeeds is a good brand. Your logo is part of the strategy by which you determine your business and how it will progress and develop. Besides, the logo is there to create a connection with customers, based on which customers will begin to recognize your brand and establish a relationship of trust with your business.

To achieve all this, your logo must be unique and authentic. It must represent your business down to the smallest detail, values, and mission because that is what your client will see first. How much is the first impression worth to you? Do you trust it?

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Designer’s ‘Know-How’

We have all asked someone to do something for us that would take up only 5 minutes of his time. But we never thought it takes 5 minutes for someone because it took them much more, many years, for educating, practicing, and making an effort to get to do something very complicated in so little time.
So, you will not pay just for the ‘picture,’ not even for the time to make one logo (although, of course, that is part of the price, not to be confused). You pay for a designer’s knowledge and expertise (years and years of someone’s doing a specific job and all the knowledge they acquired while doing that job). The neighbor’s kid “who knows something in Photoshop” cannot make a quality logo. However, he can certainly make a cheap one.

There are many things to pay attention to – is the logo balanced, in what format was it delivered to you, does it represent the brand’s message, is it enough to be in one color? Now, think again, is it really worth it to get a cheap logo?

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Bottom Line

Most business owners see the logo as just another item on the ‘to do’ list, which they think they can make themselves in a simple graphic tool. But there will always be a huge difference between the two worlds – on one side, the world in which we have a creative agency and, on the other, a “neighbor’s son who is a graphic design enthusiast.”

Usually, in life, you always get what you paid for, so value your hard-earned money and provide your business with a quality logo. Appreciate a person who will forever play an essential role in developing your business (your designer) because the logo is exactly that – the critical part of your business. If you need to create a logo, always contact professionals.

About the author: Lars Isaksson is a Swedish freelance content writer that has been writing blogs and articles about topics valuable for websites dealing with digital marketing and the tech industry. 

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