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People Illustrations: 30+ Stylish Digital Artworks by Tubik Arts

People Illustrations: 30+ Stylish Digital Artworks by Tubik Arts Enjoy the bright collection of digital illustrations by Tubik artists devoted to the diversity of people in various environments and plots. Get inspired!
People Illustrations: 30+ Stylish Digital Artworks by Tubik Arts

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross once mentioned. People are a powerful source of creativity, as well as a solid source of inspiration for each other. Our new collection is also inspired by that theme: below you will find several illustration sets by Tubik Arts team, reflecting the amazing diversity of people in their jobs and daily routines, their thoughts and dreams, their feelings and actions, their external style and internal beauty. Here we’ve collected 6 illustration sets with over 30 artworks in different styles, color palettes, and design approaches, but all united with people being the center of the idea. Enjoy and get inspired!

Color Vibes

This consistent set of illustrations is full of refreshing and juicy colors, combining the vibes of fashion and the natural and healthy power of diverse fruit.

color illustrations yellow tubikarts

color illustrations orange tubikarts

color illustrations red tubikarts

color illustration purple tubikarts

color illustration green tubikarts

Retired Professionals

One day, after long years of work, people retire from their jobs and start a new life stage. Even after that, they retire only from the workplace but never from their experience, skills, huge heritage of situations and solutions, and a lot of precious memories. That’s what inspired us to create and share the illustration set devoted to professionals from different spheres who are getting retired.

retired fashion designer tubikarts

Fashion designer

retired professionals musician tubikarts


retired sailor tubikarts


retired photographer writer tubikarts

Photographer and writer

retired architect tubikarts


Family Moments

Welcome to check out the kind and touching set of illustrations, capturing bright and sweet moments of family life, the warmth of parenthood, and the sunny coziness of childhood. Catch the vibe!

family moments thanksgiving tubikarts

Thanksgiving dinner

family moments garage sale tubikarts

Garage sale

family moments christmas tubikarts

Dreams come true at Christmas

family moments summer tubikarts

Summer dreams

family moments barbecue tubikarts

Weekend fun

family moments independence day tubikarts

Independence Day

family moments granny tubikarts

Visiting Granny

Social Media Residents

This illustration collection reflects the actual issue of today—social media stakeholders, bloggers, and influencers in a nonstop marathon race for people’s likes, shares, and impressions. Do you feel yourself a part of it? The artworks also reflect the growing role of social reactions, all those likes, reposts, and comments that have such a powerful impact on people’s mood, self-esteem, and communication.

social media people tubikarts

social media people likes tubikarts

social media residents tubikarts

social media people influencer tubikarts

social media people stories tubikarts

Ethnic Beauty

This set of digital artworks is filled with ethnic beauty and the diversity of cultures. With these illustrations, you can feel the brightness of the world and the uniqueness of national costumes.

ethnic beauty native american tubikarts

ethnic beauty mexico tubikarts

ethnic beauty ukraine tubikarts

ethnic beauty africa tubikarts

ethnic beauty mongolia tubikarts

Science People

This illustration set is devoted to the wonderful world of science and education, and the artworks invite you to dive into the powerful magic of Biology, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Earth Science. In this case, the illustrator applied the multilayered composition, with each plan revealing its own details to the particular subject presentation.

science people astronomy tubikarts

science illustration physics tubikarts

science illustration chemistry tubikarts

science people biology tubikarts

science people earth tubikarts

science people medicine tubikarts

New illustration sets are coming soon, keep up with new posts.

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