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3D Art: Blender Tutorials by Roman Klco Inspired by Movies

3D Art: Blender Tutorials by Roman Klco Inspired by Movies The set of video tutorials on 3D modelling in Blender software by designer Roman Klco: check process for 3D art inspired by known movies.
3D Art: Blender Tutorials by Roman Klco Inspired by Movies

Following the popular set of Procreate tutorials by Gal Shir, today we offer you another set of handy insights into how design tools work. This time it’s devoted to 3D art and introduces another name in D4U Galery: below you’ll find the collection of video tutorials on how to make 3D illustrations in Blender software by designer Roman Klco. He provides Blender design courses on his website Polygon Runway and shares lots of his design processes on his YouTube channel.

So, if you are the one to master 3D art in Blender software, this post will be obviously handy. Here you will find 20+ from Roman Klco’s numerous tutorials showing the process of 3D modeling. This set features 3D artworks inspired by famous movies and cartoons. Here you will find places, buildings, characters, vehicles, objects, and details that will instantly remind you of known stories. Enjoy!

Jurassic Park

The Sopranos

Iron Man’s Garage

Harry Potter’s Patronus


Hogwarts Express

Simpson’s House

Bumblebee Beetle

Star Wars Stormtroopers

Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Star Wars AT-AT

Star Wars X-Wing

Knight Rider

Friend’s Central Perk


Witcher Castle

Avengers HQ

Futurama Ship


Rick and Morty’s Garage

Kill Bill Character

Thor Character

Check more projects by Roman Klco on Dribbble

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