Web Design Case Study: THT. Website Design for Engineering Service

Web Design Case Study: THT. Website Design for Engineering Service Check the process of website design and custom graphics by tubik agency for THT, the company that makes electronics and prototypes for innovative products.
Web Design Case Study: THT. Website Design for Engineering Service

Welcome to take a glance at one of our recent projects, created at the crossroads of the practical and creative, design and engineering. In this case study, we unveil the story of website design for THT, the company making electronics that breathe life into innovative products.

Client and Project

THT is a USA-based team that offers electrical engineering and firmware development and services that span from proof-of-concept prototyping to designs for mass production. As they describe themselves, they are committed to producing reliable technology that performs at the highest standard, with honest, well-organized, clearly documented, and trustworthy work. They back clients who they believe in and whose goals they can achieve.

The THT team approached us with a request for a website design to amplify their online presence, highlight the service’s benefits, tell about the projects that had already been accomplished, and enhance communication with their customers. We also implemented the website on Webflow.

tht website design tubik studio case study

Website Design

The general visual and interaction design for the THT website is based on the following points:

  • the solid visual hierarchy that makes the web pages highly scannable and allows website visitors to quickly get into the essence of the service
  • simple, elegant, and readable typography corresponding to the theme and not distracting visitors with decorative elements
  • the deep dark color palette and the balanced usage of stylish gradients
  • well-arranged content, allowing for quick skimming and uniting different sections into the integral user experience
  • effective and consistent graphics performance and custom visual elements for the original presentation
  • smooth, catchy web motion effects

Altogether, those factors do their best to make the website present the essence and benefits of the service, engage visitors, and create a quick and strong emotional connection.

The typography choice fell on Alliance, the sans serif typeface flexible for various goals and providing good legibility in both short and large texts.

tht website design typography

And here’s a glance at the colors used for the website: deep, eye-pleasing, and providing a good background for various visuals and text blocks.

tht website design tubik case study colors

The home page of the website presents an overview of the services the company provides and the portfolio of completed projects. The hero section features a prominent custom illustration our team made to set the topic and activate instant visual connection to the theme of electronics, devices, and digital technologies even before the visitor reads the text. The image is supported with the blog tagline, a short, concise text block unveiling the main idea of the company activity, and a noticeable call-to-action button for those who want to connect the team right from the point.

Scrolling the page down, visitors can learn more about what the company can help with; all the services are well-organized in a clear, digestible list supported with neat line graphics. The following Portfolio section shows the cards with project previews. All preview cards are endowed with special custom illustrations in one style, which helps to reach visual consistency and integrity.

tht website design tubik case study

And here’s how web animation helps make the experience even more dynamic and impressive on the home page of the THT website.

This is a glance at the particular project page in the portfolio. It echoes the visual style set on the home page, with neatly arranged, hierarchic text blocks, illustrative and photo content, and supportive line graphics.

tht website design tubik case study

And here’s an example of the page presenting the tool dealing with different data. For the design here, we had to consider various types of infographics and stats that would look clear and consistent.

tht website design tubik case study

Another interesting design point to mention is the animation of the interactions with the tabs of different projects, imitating a sort of curtain moving up and opening an extensive preview of the project.

tht website design tubik

In the structure of the company website, a contact page is usually quite simple. Still, it has great importance as it sets the direct communication with the potential customer, so it’s crucial not to overdesign it to make the page fast to load, informative, and functional. That’s also the idea behind the contact page for the THT website: a contact form is added to the page to let the visitor quickly send the message right from there, or they could choose from other convenient methods like writing an email, giving a call, or arranging an online meeting.

tht website design tubik

All website pages are adapted to the efficient mobile experience to make the design work at its full and let the brand communicate successfully on any device.

tht website design tubik case study

After that our team implemented all the design solutions with Webflow, which ensured that designers monitored the slightest details of the development process.

New design case studies from tubik team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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