20+ UI Design Concepts for Education on Web and Mobile

20+ UI Design Concepts for Education on Web and Mobile Inspiring collection of UI design examples devoted to studying and teaching: check screens and interactions for educational apps and websites.
20+ UI Design Concepts for Education on Web and Mobile

The new academic year has started, isn’t it a good time to look into the education sphere? Today’s D4U inspiration post is all about this theme: here you’ll find the collection of UI design concepts devoted to studying and teaching.

Among popular tasks for interface designers, the projects aimed at education include:

  • interactive web and mobile encyclopedias
  • flashcard apps
  • language lessons apps
  • apps and websites with a database of formulas
  • interactive simulators
  • landing pages, apps, and web platforms for educational events and courses, etc.

Check the variety of UI design examples in different styles, all devoted to education needs.

nature encyclopedia app design
Nature Encyclopedia App by Tubik

language learning app
Language learning app by 10Clouds

language app dashboard
Airy language learning app dashboard by 10Clouds

Minimalist UI concept for a flashcard app by Cuberto

learning app
Cheerful learning platform with funny graphics to choose courses and lessons by Black Lead

guitar lessons webpage
Web page promoting guitar lessons and featuring bright and catchy hero illustration by Alexandra Glustsenko

web design encyclopedia
Elegant interactive encyclopedia website devoted to Solar system by Tubik

educational app design
The UI design concept for an educational mobile app by Ramotion

sports car encyclopedia
Sports Car Encyclopedia app by Cuberto

museum app design
Minimalist museum app with the dark background by Tubik

space solar system education
Educational UI concept with bright theme illustrations on Solar system by Kit8

school app
School application screens by Midinventory

educational website home page
Home page for a website of an educational TV channel by Kreativa

language courses landing page design
Landing page for a Japanese course by Cuberto

Violin lessons app design by Tiffany Stewart

Interactions with education platform designed by 10Clouds

Survey and Quizzes screens for a corporate education app by Selecto

science web platform
Web platform uniting scientists from different countries by Tubik

Interactions for an educational app by Dimest

courses and topics education app
Courses and topics screens for a mobile interface of an educational app by Selecto

plants education app
The UI design concept for a plant encyclopedia app by RonDesignLab

educational app onboarding
Onboarding screens for an educational mobile app by Johny Vino

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