Praising the Spring: Designs for the Prime of the Year

Praising the Spring: Designs for the Prime of the Year New D4U collection of refreshing designs devoted to the theme of spring: illustrations showing the best spring sides of digital art.
Praising the Spring: Designs for the Prime of the Year

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also. (Harriet Ann Jacobs)

Over the centuries, people around the world praised the spring season as it is one the most magnificent and long-awaited time of the year. The spring is the symbol of love, hope, and the new beginning. It is the time of the nature revival when the warm day takes over the cold ones, when the first plants show on the ground, and when our souls fill up with the faith in the new better life. Many poems, songs, and artworks have already been devoted to the springtime and it remains one of the major sources of inspiration now. The spring spirit can be felt in loads of art and design works, especially when the spring equinox passed. Today’s D4U Inspiration post is devoted to the brightest time of the year which hopefully brings you the spring spirit and the inspiration.

Spring equinox and celebrations

A week ago, on the 20th of March, the Northern Hemisphere of the world population has celebrated the beginning of astronomical spring also known as spring (March) equinox. On this day the Sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north marking the first day of the spring. People signify the spring equinox as the day when the spring change the winter irrevocably. The days become longer and the cold weather stays in past.

Across the world, the beginning of the springtime is celebrated in various ways to honor wakening of the Mother Nature. Many religious holidays and festivals are held to open the spring season which varies with the traditions. For example, the Western countries celebrate the Easter holiday marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. People color the eggs in different colors and bake buns with their families. The Catholics also have a tradition of the egg hunt based on the legend about the Easter Bunny. He is believed to hide baskets of colored eggs and sweets for children and they have to seek for them in the Easter morning.

In Japan, the spring arrival is signified by the cherry blossom (Sakura tree). People around the country go to the parks to enjoy the beauty of the pink and white blossoms. The magnificent scenery makes people believe the spring will definitely bring the happiness and prosperity.

The bright and colorful spring festival is held in India. It is known as the Holi festival. Hindus people go to the streets and throw colored powder and water at each other. In a few days, the cities look like the colorful painting of an extravagant painter. People across the world go to India to see and take part in such a festival. What’s more, many countries now take the tradition and celebrate the Holi festivals on their streets.

Iranians celebrate Nowruz or Persian New Year. The holiday marks the first day of the year in the Iranian calendar. People start celebrating at the exact moment of the spring equinox and the celebrations usually continue up to two weeks. Iranians decorate houses with springtime flowers and gather with their families around a bonfire.

We’ve searched for various artworks devoted to the springtime and here are some of them to make you feel the warmth with your hearts and minds.


By Liz Nugent


By Nutsa Avaliani


By Tubik


By Dave Mottram


By EJ Hassenfratz

Praising the Spring Designs for the Prime of the Year.

By Tubik


By Leah Quinn


By Nikita Melnikov


By Matt Carlson


By Alaina Johnson




By Olga


By Digital Space


By Dave Mottram


By Flyphant


By Andrey Prokopenko


By Artua


By Berin Catic

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